Important Instruction for Presenters

  • Oral Session
  • Interactive/poster Session


Oral Session

1. The presentation time is 15 minutes for a regular paper presentation including 3 minutes discussion and 30 minutes for an invited presentation including 5 minutes discussion. The time should be strictly adhered to by the presenters. The presentation exceeding the assigned time can be terminated by the session chairs to keep the session on schedule.

2. Speakers (presenting authors) should be present at the start of the session in the scheduled session room so that the session chairs can confirm the speakers' names and the paper titles. Presentations with no speaker (no-show presentations) will not be included in IEEE Xplore after the conference.

3. Each session room is equipped with an LCD projector and a Windows PC with Microsoft Power Point installed. Presenters can use either the Windows PC or his/her own laptop, however using the prepared Windows PC is strongly recommended. Presenters have to declare his/her preference to the session chairs and before the session.

4. When using the prepared Windows PC in the session room, speakers must copy their presentation files via a USB flash drive into a folder on the desktop of the PC during the break time before the session with the help of volunteers present in the room.

5. When using your own laptop, you are strongly recommended to check connections to the projector at the Speakers' Preparation Room prior to your session. Note that only the connection with an analog VGA connector is provided. Prepare the presentation data in a USB flash drive for backup.


Interactive / Poster Session (IS)


1. The Interactive/Poster session will provide an opportunity for authors to present interactively to participants with posters. 
The presenters can discuss with the participants in an informal manner and receive feedbacks intensively.

[Interactive Session Schedule]

  •   PS1:IA1: 4:00 p.m. – 6:00 p.m., November 28, 2018

2. Please start hanging your posters "1 hour" before your IS starts.  Please finish setting up your posters and contact your session chairs at least 30 minutes before your IS starts.

3. Each presentation for the Interactive/Poster session will be displayed on poster panel; Each poster panel is sized 3 feet wide and  4 feet high (3’ x 4’). Authors are advised to prepare the posters according to this size. Posters can be posted using push-pins/double sided tapes, which will be provided by the conference organizers at the venue.

4. Please note that at least one presenter should be staying in front of your posters during your entire IS time listed above, otherwise your presentation will be regarded as "no show" and your paper will be excluded from the IEEE Xplore after the conference.

5. After your IS, the posters must be removed by the presenters themselves. Please be sure to clear your poster board within 1 hour  after the session ends. 

Thank you!