2018 TPC Chairs’ Welcome

In this sixth edtion of IMARC, we invite everybody concerned with heartfelt warmth to the city of Kolkata. Kolkata is known as the city of joy. It is undoubtedly the scientific and literary capital of India, which proudly produced as many as five Nobel laureates. But what is not known to most of the scientists and technologists world over is the glorious role the city played in the history of communication engineering, especially in the field of microwaves. In fact, world’s first microwave and millimeter engineer, Sir J.C. Bose, performed his pioneering experiments here. A frequency as high as 60GHz was chosen by him to demonstrate the optical properties of electromagnetic waves in late nineteenth century and thereby he established beyond any doubt the electromagnetic nature of light. Few decades earlier, Dr. W.B. O'Shaughnessy made epoch making contributions to telegraphy in this city only. Even today, it is the abode of many leading communication scientists of the country. It is only befitting that the next edition of IMARC be held here after successful completion of the earlier ones. In 2017, we had 13 invited and 113 contributed papers distributed between 10 workshops and Technical sessions, with the acceptance rate being around 40%. This year, we are sure to attract even more number of quality papers. Let this edition of IMARC open up new windows of research and development in the area of microwaves through the active participation of you all.